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Free-For-All: Night Photo     

WINNING ENTRY: Midnight Bridge !

Click on image to view larger image

Author: QuebecGuy777     1

Design Brief: The best unmodified night photo wins ! Photoshop cheaters will be eliminated !

Prize: A Biorust win !

Date: 10th Dec 2007 · Votes: 19 · Comments: 3 · Dimensions: 3008 x 2000

4 RUNNERS-UP (In Order Of Votes)

BioRUST Entry
Donations for Angela
by: NikonErik
Votes: 3 · Cmts: 2
BioRUST Entry
Night photo
by: ???
Votes: 3 · Cmts: 1
BioRUST Entry
by: freak4lf
Votes: 2 · Cmts: 0
BioRUST Entry
Lahaina, Maui
by: kokopedal
Votes: 1 · Cmts: 0

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