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HyperNURBs Modelling (inc. Weights)

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Step 2- Configuring the HyperNURBs & Weights

Let's start by editing the top. Select the Edge Edition mode, which is exactly above the Polygon Edition button, and then click the Live Selection object. (Note: You MUST actually click the Live selection button even if it is already selected, because you must later edit the HyperNURBs weight via the Attributes Editor, which is only selectable via the Live Selection attributes. When you click the Edge Edition, the attributes editor is set to the Edge Edition tool, meaning that you wouldn't find the Weight editor).  With this little issue clarified, select the top edges.


In the attributes manager, select HyperNURBs Weights, adjust it to 100% and then press the Set button. This will ensure that these edges have 100% weight against the smoothing, or, in other words, completely ignore the smoothing strength of the HyperNURBs. Cool, huh?

Repeat this step with the other openings.

Let's give a final touch to the side-opening to make it sharper. Select the inner edges and apply a 100% Weight to them.


And that's it - The pipe is done! It's good to remember that the weights can also be added to polygons and points as well as edges, thus ensuring a staggering level of flexibility. If you want, play around with the weights in other extruded sections and try to make something like this model we rendered earlier...

And that's it my dear Biorust people! Until the next tutorial...   :)

- Tutorial written by Elentor

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cool, thanks just that I need is Practice

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