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Rotated Characters
Tutorial Author - Jacorre (

Sometimes text can get a little boring. Here's a way to rotate individual characters and make that text a little more fun! The results vary depending on the font that you use, so the effect is always fresh and exciting.

Step 1:  Using the Type tool, type out some text. What you type is entirely up to you, but start with a small word at first, or you'll find the next steps take a while.

Step 2:
Now go to your Character palette. If it's not open, load it via Window > Type > Character. Make sure all options are showing by clicking on the flyout menu and choosing "Show Options".

Step 3:
Using the Type tool again, highlight one of the letters you have typed.

Step 4:
At the bottom of the Character palette, there is an option for Character Rotation. Type in a number of degrees. For example, I chose 20. You can enter positive and negative values.

Step 5:
Do that for as many characters as you'd like. Go have some fun rotating characters! Here's my final result:

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