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Flame Brushes
PS Brushes - 6

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It's been a long, strange trip 1 Comment

Author: Loki Views: 6497 Date: Thu 6th Jan, 1:58 AM
Content: It feels like forever since I have been here. The familiar feelings of nostalgia are a little overwhelming, but this place looks great now...and milk drop is still MIA or so I deceive  [...]

How time flies 2 Comments

Author: MoodsR4Cattle Views: 1233 Date: Thu 19th Aug, 12:21 AM
Content: I didn't realize that it has been over a month since I last visited Biorust!
Remember the blog I posted in 2008 about the bloated capacitors in my Mac? Unfortunately, the new motherboard they replaced my burnt out one with also had the bad capacitors. This time my husband is going to replace the capacitors himself, but his old soldering iron isn't hot enough to melt the leadless solder. Until we get a hotter iron I'll be stuck with this dinosaur Mac we drug out of storage.
We've also been looking for a new house somewhere closer to his new job. Traffic is crazy and two hours to drive 20 miles is ridiculous. Our house is on the market and has had several showings, but no offers yet. I was never meant to be the consummate  [...]

If it ain't broke... 2 Comments

Author: Tamlin Views: 6039 Date: Thu 10th Jun, 11:17 AM
Content: As most BioRUST regulars know, I've long been an advocate of Google. I (like many people, I suspect) have it set as my browser's home page. The Google homepage has always had a no-nonsense simplicity that has made it the perfect choice for such a function.

So it's been all the more annoying over the past few months to have the Google overlords foist one unwelcome "feature" after another on their loyal users without any consultation and - in many cases - no way of removing or opting-out from the offending change.

The unwanted "sidebar" was irritating, but not too difficult to ignore, even though, on a netbook or older laptop, it took up valuable screen real estate.

The "fade in" effect was even more  [...]

Man1c M0g
New Personal Project 0 Comments

Author: Man1c M0g Views: 5490 Date: Mon 6th Sep, 10:52 PM
Content: No, its not another graphics forum! I've finally got off my ass and created something to express the other love of my life - DIY!

You can find it over at [link]

As you can see the site is a little sparse at the moment, but give me time and i'll spruce it up lots. All comments and constructive criticism is highly appreciated. The header is the first thing to get the revamp treatment, so keep your eyes up there (its hard to miss anyway...  [...]

why i havent been around lately. 3 Comments

Author: supertackyman Views: 7135 Date: Sat 17th Apr, 5:51 AM
Content: OK. i know i have been missing for a while now and i figured it only fair to let my friends know what im doing.

I have a new job at a foam shop cutting styrofoam on an old cnc foam cutting hotwire machine for homes and stuff. most of my day is spent trying to manage our massive pile of scrap that the owner dosent throw away because he can cut it down into pieces that he can sell. and the smaller pieces then get cut into cubes for packing material. i say trying to manage the pile because it piles up very fast and the warehouse is full of it. mostly though im just cutting parts, shrink wrapping them and adding to the scrap pile myself. every few days a truck shows up and brings 30 or so more foam billets. they are 50  [...]

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Simple Tiling Patt...
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